Home Loans for RTBU Members, their family and friends

Over 160 years ago a small group of Victorian locomotive drivers got together and unionised their workplace causing a ripple effect across the country. Over the coming years, rail workers everywhere started to band together to protect themselves and their workmates.

In order to promote strength through solidarity, these groups then began to merge, ultimately resulting in what is today known as the as the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) which proudly represents 35,000 workers across the rail industry and in public transport.

The RTBU is one of Australia’s oldest unions and has an extremely proud past. It is the union that was responsible for the 1912 Brisbane Tramway Strike, the 1917 Railways Strike in NSW, the 1969 Tramways Stike in VIC – all of which turned into massive general strikes across the whole of Australia, and which were the start of significant social change which has improved the lives of all Australians.

It is with this spirit of solidarity that we have partnered with Finsure to create ‘RTBU Home Loans’ to deliver RTBU Members, their family and friends support beyond the workplace and provide access to a panel of trusted Aussie lenders with some of the best home loan offers in the country.

The service is free for those who use it and when a loan is settled, the RTBU receives 20% of the Commission that the lender pays to Finsure – a commission which would have been paid anyway. This amount is then used for things like delegate training, fighting funds, political campaigning and other activities all of which directly improve the lives of RTBU Members and their families.

If you want to get a better deal on your home loan, you can trust RTBU Home Loans.

Purchasing Property
Investment Loans
Buying Your First Home

Why choose RTBU Home Loans?

Without working in the home loan space, it’s next to impossible to know what the latest deals are and if you qualify. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that – as an RTBU member, you have access to the RTBU Home Loan team, who will do the work for you, research your home loan options and present the one that is ideal for your needs.

Property Purchase

Is it time to own your own home? Perhaps time to upgrade or change the scenery? Whether a purchase veteran or a first home buyer, we can help you. We know the ins and outs of property purchase and have deals with reputable lenders who we search through to source your ideal financial solution.

Its our job to help you research, supply paperwork and submit your application to the lender once we all feel confident. We then liaise with the lender for any further requirements like valuations or follow up paperwork which we continue right through to settlement to ensure you experience a supported and easy process.

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Investment Lending

Investment lending is a different space to standard residential lending and comes with its own set of intricacies.

We understand this can seem a bit complex, but we’re here to simplify the process for you. We will explain the differences between owner-occupied and investment products, we will help with the paperwork, research your options and help you to secure your ideal finance.

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Refinancing Your Loan

When was the last time you had a home loan health check? If it was any more than 6 months ago, your loan may no longer be your ideal fit. Think how much changes over time, job roles, wages, family size, age of family, outgoing costs…This is why it is important to ensure you have your ideal home loan.

With a sharp fit on your finance, you could pay your loan off sooner, avoid paying interest you don’t need to pay or cut those monthly repayments.

If it’s been a while since you had your loan looked at, we recommend getting in touch with one of our trusted team today.

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Buying Your First Home

Are you a first home buyer looking to step into the housing market? We understand there is a lot to consider, and we can help you navigate through it!

Here are some of the questions to consider:

  • Do you have a deposit or know how much you need?
  • Do you know your budget and preferred location?
  • Do you understand the application process?

Our loan specialists have helped many Australians secure their first home. We can also help you apply for a First Home Owner Grant, which allows Australians to get the funds they need to buy or build their first home. Reach out to us today to have all the questions answered!

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. 86400 Neat Home Loan Variable – Owner Occupied P&I Loan has an interest rate of 1.89% p.a. (comparison rate 1.90% p.a.) Maximum LVR 85%. Maximum loan amount $5,000,000. Accepts refinances. Loan advance fee of $259 and switch fee of $100 applies. First valuation is free (up to $300). Other fees may apply. Offer may change or be withdrawn without notice, at any time.

Better Choice Gold Special Basic Variable O/O P&I Home Loans starts at 1.96% p.a. maximum 70% LVR (No Offset available). Gold Special Variable Discount Investment P&I Home Loan starts from 2.29% p.a. at maximum 70% LVR (Offset available) for Investment Purchase or Refinance, Debt Consolidation and Equity Release. These rates are for new business only. Non genuine savings accepted (confirmation of funds to complete to be held prior to formal approval). Documentation for Self-employed borrowers: Now accepting most recent 1 year business/company tax return and financials + 2 most recent BAS. (24 month ABN registration required) Each director, sole-trader and partner on the loan must also provide their most recent personal tax return with the most recent Notice of Assessment.

Better Choice Gold 2 & 3 Year Fixed Rate maximum 80% LVR for Owner Occupied and Investment purposes. If split Fixed rate loan, Variable portion must be minimum 50% of total loan amount per security.

$0 App & $0 Legal Fee (excluding other legal disbursements & charges). Up to one standard Val Fee ($275.00 incl. GST) refunded upon settlement – Effective to 31/01/22(Must settle by 31/03/2022)


Offer period commences for applications submitted from Monday 12th July 2021 and closes on 31st January 2022 (Loans must settle by 31st March 2022). Applications for a Better Choice Home Loan are subject to our credit approval policies and this offer cannot be used in the serviceability of the loan. Fees and charges may apply. The $2,000 cash back offer is available if an applicant takes out a GOLD Special Variable Investment Home Loan with a minimum loan size of $250,000 or more (excluding nonresidents, Expats, businesses, companies or trusts). Principal & Interest and/or Interest Only repayments. Excluding GOLD Fixed Rates, Expat, SMSF, Alt Doc, Commercial and Medico loans. The offer is only available for investment purchases (excluding land or construction) of a residential property and investment refinances from another financial institution to Better Choice Home Loans. Applicants must be a new customer to Better Choice Home Loans. An applicant will be eligible for a maximum of one cashback payment only during the offer period, regardless of the number of loan applications they are party to. Where there is more than one borrower on an application, the cash back is payable to the primary applicant and all applicants are deemed to have received the cash back. The primary applicant must have a Goldfields Everyday transaction account open at the time of drawdown in order to receive payment of the cash back and this will be paid within 90 days of settlement. Any other product promotional offers from Better Choice Home Loans are independent from this Better Choice Investment Cash Back Offer and customers can benefit from multiple offers (subject to meeting eligibility criteria and terms & conditions of other offers). Better Choice Home Loans reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time.